Love Planet and Your Skin! Keep them Clean.

"I sat on the sofa, which was covered with a blanket, produced of chemical fibres and started itching. I stood up and walked. I remembered my child’s allergy at infant age when we put him in beautiful colored costumes, made from synthetic material. I saw my friend with the beautiful linen dress that made her face feminine, but nature-Latvian. I noticed how easily she can clean linen skirt, a spinning them after washing, free ironing, which makes it the individually unique. I woke up in the morning with the word" linen" Linen is my fabric and my mission. My family were with me."(S. Lilje)

Now we want to show it to you.

Our Ideology

Our wish is to make the world a healthier place to live so that we can leave behind a clean legacy for the future well-being of our children.

We care about the environment and only sell items of natural purity.

Choosing to use linen as a material is a very good starting point. It will keep your body and skin in good health especially during hot weather and will also protect your skin from irritation and allergy.

Linen smells wonderful! It breathes! It is natural! It is biodegradable!

Linen is used in the home and is also worn by many people.

As you can see from our product range, linen works in the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room and in the bedroom. It is a material that can be adapted to suit your needs.

We always produce and present our customers’ chosen items with individuality and creativity.

Trust LILJELINEN and we will do the rest

Linen is like natural antiseptic.Linen fabric warms during cold and cools during hot.Linen is actual to the people who‘s skin has allergy.Linen fabric is ecological because it is absolutely does not leave any waste doesn't make any harm to nature and ecology.Linen fabric is resistance to static electric load.Linen decreases in a half the influence of radiation and protects people from ultraviolet.Linen fabric is 3 times stronger than cotton.After each washing the fabric becomes softer.Linen fabric goes damp and dry very soon.Linen fabric stays clean longer,cause have small hairs on the surface which are slippy, plain and do not take dirt.Bibles are produced from linen.If you bought product from linen, be sure that you invested into luxury and health.

Welcome to our Family Business

Here you will find all things, made from linen. Our range includes traditional linen tablecloths, tea towels, bath towels,curtains, bedding (duvets, sheets and pillowcases) as well as an affordable range of gifts and ideas to suit each customer. We can also personalize and decorate products using crochet and expert needlework.We are planning to increase our range of products in the future so please be patient with us.  In future there will be all kinds of clothing for adults and children, but it takes a little more time. 

We decided to proote linen becausr it is one of the healthiest and most natural materials you can buy and it is very environment frindly. Linen is perfect around the home and against your skin. It is perfect alternative to synthetic material and will protect your body against allergic reactions.